Asset Management


Cat Trail strategically maintains its own trading operation as part of its organizational structure. The focus of this program is to strategically identify short-term trades using a variety of internally developed quantitative screening methodologies. Continually and regularly, these portfolios and strategies are monitored and maintained in order to measure, quantify, and adjust the allocation and risk of the portfolio. Cat Trail also maintains its own trading strategies with the goal of reducing management fees, increasing liquidity, and streamlining operations. 


Cat Trail maintains a portfolio of internally managed investments with the goal of long-term capital appreciation and income generation. The portfolio has a value focus with specific attention paid to industry sector and geographical diversification. These long-term, core positions are the result of detailed analysis and study of company, industry, and geopolitical dynamics.

External Management

Cat Trail has made investments with some of the world's leading investment firms. These investments include allocations to unique and differentiated managers such as hedge, real estate, private equity, secondary, and venture capital funds, as well as publicly traded equity and debt managers. Through these investments, Cat Trail has exposure and access to some of the most proven and brightest managers in the investment industry.

Private Equity

Cat Trail also invests in opportunistic direct placements and is willing to take a sole investor role in unique opportunities, but most often participates in syndicated rounds, or assumes a limited partner (LP) position in funds or businesses demonstrating above-average return potential. Cat Trail maintains flexibility with respect to the form its investment will take; ultimately minimum return requirements and deal risks drive interest. Participation includes both debt and equity placements.

Below is a list of current Private Equity holdings:

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